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Bushika Adventures

Ethno-toursim in Costa Rica

Our Mission & Programs

Our mission is to foster friendship between students and peoples of different cultures. The name "Bushika Adventures" reflects our philosophy of learning through exploration and immersion. We believe that the most rewarding travel experiences are when students become part of a community and are allowed to explore all of its facets.

The word "Bushika" is commonly used in Boruca. Bushika is an indigenous word meaning fortuitous. The name of our program embodies the indigenous belief that the most meaningful experiences happen by positive chance.

We offer grade school, middle school, and high school students the unique opportunity to experience life in the Indigenous community of Boruca, Costa Rica.

In addition, we are now offering a Family Program and an Adult Program for people interested in experiencing the Borucan culture. You can read more about these additional programs on our 2022 Trip Information page.

Our Student Program skillfully weaves community service, cultural exchange, language learning, personal growth, and physical challenge in order to provide an opportunity for students to engage with a different culture in meaningful ways while forming relationships that continue long after their return home.

While the Bushika Adventures program provides a structure for students to establish strong friendships with Costa Ricans, it also allows time for unplanned activities to occur, recognizing that those could be the events that provide the deepest learning and connections for students.

Bushika Adventure recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each student and encourages them to follow their curiosity, to think and act independently, and to work cooperatively with others. We give each student the guidance and support they need to become his or her own unique self.